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You will see cosmetics OEM manufacturers try to taste?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-30

many OEM cosmetics customers looking for people, before the selected products, all the sample (s) must show the relative people ( Or call boilerplate) 。 Model is the key, after the time that the production batch is on the basis of customer choose model to clear. So how to clear the OEM cosmetics manufacturers to produce sample quality?

the first, to test the party

1, the component identify

element is the life of a product, every relative to the role of are common ingredients, such as moisture is a wave uric acid, whitening skin included in VC and compounds, niacinamide, kojic acid, and tranexamic acid, licorice extract, arbutin, etc. In addition, the sample can not add illegal composition, or not can be dealt with according to the product for the record. Dark blue angel's tip, the product composition composition sorting in a table is according to the composition and quantity sorted, ordered from more to less successively.

2, tactility and degree of digestion, absorption,

touch with degree of digestion, absorption, is a product quality the most immediate discrimination method, because when the market sales to the customer at that time, the cross major they are only by touch with degree of digestion, absorption, realize the merits of the product. Increasingly feel meticulous products faster and faster in the digestion and absorption, the higher the quality.

3, test

after the sample (s) in OEM cosmetics, be sure to check the cosmetic effect, is a moisturizing hydrating nourish and whiten skin aging, it is best to please a man to truly feel the actual effect, do well the control experiment, it can only be true to master the role of the product. After all, how to use cosmetics, still need to see the writer's anticipated effect.

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